EU Funds for SMB Sector IT investments, Romania (2007 - 2013)*


  • Have been granted over the 25.2 billion;

  • European Regional Development Fund Grants and European Cohesion Fund - 12% for research and technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship;

  • European Social Fund grant - 25.5% for capacity increase adaptability of workers, enterprises and entrepreneurs.


  • 7 territorial programs and 5 sectorial cooperation programs;
  • Grants for companies wishing to invest in IT:
    • The enhancement of economic competition (investments);
    • The regional development (investment);
    • Human Resources Development Program (school).




Action 1.1. Productive investments and preparation for market competition, especially SMB.

Grants for acquisition of professional services in implementing European standards, accessing new markets and internationalization.

  • Op. 1.1.1 Financial support worth 1.075 million lei given to investment in SMB.
  • Op. 1.1.1 Financial support in the range from 1075001-6450000 lei granted for investments in SMB.
  • Op. 1.1.1 Support for strengthening and upgrading the productive sector by tangible and intangible for large enterprises.
  • Op. 1.1.2 Support for the implementation of standards.
  • Op. 1.1.3 Support for access to new markets and internationalization.

Operation 2.3.1 - Support for start-ups and innovative spin-offs

  • Start-ups are innovative companies with a length of max. 3 years, which implements (produce and sell on the market) results of research. 
  • Spin-off is a new company created by a research group from a public institution or university research, to produce and sell their CD results.
  • Financial conditions: up to 90% of eligible costs.
  • Maximum project duration: 15 months.
  • Total budget: EUR 18.5 million

Action 3.3 Development of e-economy (for SMB)

Operation 3.3.1 - Support for implementation of integrated computer systems and other electronic applications for business management - Systems grants CRM / ERP and other software:

  • Maximum grant size: 1.065 million lei

3.3.2 Operation: Support for the development of electronic commerce and other business solutions online - grants for e-commerce, e-learning, B2B and B2C models:

  • Maximum grant size: 1.775 million lei.
  • The maximum rate of co-financing:
    • - 60% * 70% for medium enterprises and for small-micro * - investment component (co-financing rate from ERDF reduced by 10% for projects in the Bucharest-Ilfov location).
    • 70% for specific consulting and training component.


Supporting the development of micro-enterprises:

  • Grants for acquisition of equipment and technologies, procurement of IT systems (equipment and software).
  • The minimum value of a project is 20,000 Euros, maximum value: 500,000 Euro.
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