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We could mention the time, energy and economy is made accordingly. A computer user normally carries a number of processes simultaneously - File system security firewall, anti-virus software, Internet browser, text editor, spreadsheet, internet communication and more. Users can and print, scan, to connect to a local network or internet use more peripherals via USB or Bluetooth, to watch high-definition movie and then, after they finished work, to spend a while playing your favorite game on your computer. All these processes, which often runs in the background, need processing power that provides the latest Intel processors. Therefore, what allows employees to work faster, safer and at multiple levels?


The new Intel® Core™ processors means not only more frequent, but optimal performance by the activation of multiple centers. They provide the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. This allows the user satisfaction and increased performance whenever necessary. Therefore, work is progressing smoothly and effectively disturbances.


Intel® Core™ processors were designed so as to reconcile maximum performance with minimum energy consumption as possible - do not overheat desktops working on a lower level of noise and involves a reduction in electricity costs, while the computers portable, battery lasts longer.


Intel® Core™ vPro™ technology allows remote computer management. Regardless of where they are employed, computers can be maintained remotely by a network engineer, who can be an administrator or an external service provider.



Portable computer manufacturers try to respond primarily economic needs, improving performance notebooks to achieve comparable parameters to those of desktop computers. In addition, portable computers weigh less and require recharging at longer intervals. Latest technology implemented to accelerate performance Intel Core execution of tasks such as opening multiple files during scanning or opening other applications compared to previous platforms.



Intel® Core™ i5 and Intel® Core™ i7 processors are equipped with Intel Turbo Boost technology that allows them to work in a "smart" energy that is consumed and the number of active centers at a time depending on operations performed by the user. This allows the processor to increase GHz frequency than nominal value if necessary, such as when controlling the presentation to clients, do a virus scan or download important files to support the presentation at the same time. In such situations it is very important not to slow the speed of the computer work. However, if you do not need a power so great computer, the processor can switch to a lower energy consumption by closing the centers, which can extend battery life and reduce energy costs.


Procesoarele Intel® Core™ garanteaza o performanta excelenta pentru conferinte video, soft-uri de grafica, incluzand editarea de fotografii si imagini (inclusiv HD), si pentru notebook-uri datorita acceleratorului media Intel® HD Graphics implementat in procesor. Utilizatorul nu trebuie sa-si faca griji legate de cumpararea unui card video suplimentar – de acum incolo angajatii care lucreaza cu aplicatii grafice avansate pot lucra si atunci cand calatoresc, permitand companiei sa fie mai flexibila si eficienta.


Computers used for business purposes can be equipped with one processor Intel® Core™ with vPro™ technology, which have been specially designed to meet the needs of SMB and provide greater reliability and security features. This means that, if the operating system refuses to boot, the computer can be diagnosed and repaired right away, unless you require a hardware replacement.


Antitheft feature of this technology also deserves to be mentioned - if a computer was stolen, can be locked remotely and is protected against unauthorized use. These solutions increase the freedom of employees to perform tasks, optimize and secure working environment making it possible for better management of company resources.


Any consideration of the latest technology for SMB should include essential components of the system - servers, without which effective work is impossible to imagine a company.

On the server are shared files are stored all important data and backup copies are stored is kept all the documentation relating to the existence of the company. Also, the servers must run much more concurrent processes than conventional computers, in addition to storage for data, they are used daily by employees connected to a local network and internet. Of course, there is no need to say that the servers should be very safe, because any error can cause loss of important data.

That is why Intel has developed a special series of server processors, Intel® Xeon®, providing great efficiency, performance and energy efficiency. These processors have power control features such as server performance and power consumption increases when multiple users connect to the network and decreases when the data flow, and reduce energy consumption and energy costs and decrease accordingly.

Server processors have been designed to operate without defects and different volumes, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. This capacity exceeds that of desktop computers, efficient and safe operation when it is a prerequisite for any company.



When investing in the latest technology, you should prepare an action plan and to determine how many computers are needed and what type. This of course depends on the company profile, scope of its activities, the number of employees and business segment.

The current market trend focuses mainly on mobile activities to give the company more flexibility, greater capacity to adapt to the needs and customer requirements, and can work anywhere, anytime. Intel processors have features that make them perfect for use in desktops, notebooks and servers.

Excess equipment means additional costs, employers need more time to accomplish tasks, efficiency is reduced and therefore the company recorded higher current expenditure. Such devices consume more energy, are slower, more often breaks down and the company must pay for lost time.

Using an unnecessary number of computers is a good illustration of the rule does not decline any development - where a lack of investment prevents the development of the company. When you invest in computers based on the latest Intel processors, we must consider not only costs but also efficiency, innovation and, consequently, the development company. Unless you are equipped with solutions to ensure optimum performance day, small businesses can face the challenges of XXI century.

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